My coaching style is a mix of motivation, humor and heart to hearts with a little bit of tough love. I love picking women up and guiding them through their own health journeys. I am kind of a nerd at heart so be prepared to actually learn the whys and hows. Even though you will learn the science behind it all, my main focus always centers around learning about yourself. Because real transformations start from the inside and building a sexy body is just the icing on the cake!

xo Jessica

What if you could have a hot mom bod that you were proud of in a way that doesn't feel depriving but actually empowering AND fits into your crazy busy mom life?

Love your body without dieting and in a way that is aligned with your life!

Imagine if you could...

Officially break up with dieting and enjoy the foods you love in healthier ways that will give you awesome results

Get amazing results without doing hours of cardio every week so that you can spend more time doing the things you actually love doing.

Tap into a deep motivation you never knew you had by uncovering your deepest whys and learning about your motivational personality so that you have a kickass toolkit of motivational hacks that you can pull out at anytime.

Handle setbacks with grace and not allow them to sabotage your progresss so that you can get faster results.

Reduce or completely eliminate cravings so you can feel in control over your food.

Say goodbye to mood swings and have more vibrant energy so that you can be a better mom, spouse and person.

Create healthy habits that fit into your unique life so that you can enjoy an effortless healthy lifestyle all year round.

Learn the truth about permanent weight loss that doesn't involve dieting, hours or cardio or some special pill or supplement. And learn how to get in the best shape of your life even after having kids.

These are all the amazing things that I want for you! I want to help you live the healthy lifestyle of your dreams and pull out the strong mom that is deep within you!

Get Fit, Healthy & Happy Makeover

3 Month Transformation Program

Here is what is included:

One 60 Minute Intensive Coaching Call (first coaching call)​

Eleven 45 minutes coaching calls (one per week)

Weekly Nutrition Assessments

Custom workout plan every month

Unlimited support through email and Voxer (a phone app that is like having a walkie-talkie between us!)

Unlimited feedback on your nutrition, workouts, lifestyle, motivation, health, mindset and anything else that relates to your success during our time together.

Access to my Meal Prep FIGHT Club for the duration of your program (my online membership site that includes 160+ healthy recipes, custom meal plan, grocery list creator and resource vault with quizzes, cheatsheets, guides and progress trackers + private FB support group with other moms going through the same challenges as you.)




What will we cover during our time together?

This ultimately depends on where you are in your fitness and nutrition journey. I don’t believe in cookie-cutter programs. I want to spend our time together focusing on the specific things that you need in order to have an amazing transformation.Before we begin I will have you fill out a in-depth health, nutrition and mindset questionnaire. I will review this before our first call and together we will go over it and create a game plan for your 3 month transformation. Every week we will reassess your progress and tweak your game plan if needed.

Here are some of the things we may focus on...


  • Overcoming self-sabotage and learning how to handle setbacks with grace. Are you keeping you from living a healthy life?
  • Developing a strong mindset that will help you continue to live a healthy lifestyle after the program is over
  • How to handle unsupportive and negative people in your life that are holding you back
  • How to love yourself more and develop a deep rooted confidence in yourself
  • How to identify and stop negative self-talk and thoughts that are secretly keeping you from living a fit, healthy and happy life.


  • Identifying bad habits that are keeping you from results and learning how to turn those bad habits into positive habits that will support your new healthy lifestyle.
  • Finding time and ways to make healthy eating and fitness a part of your already busy mom life
  • Learn the fundamental basics of living a healthy fit lifestyle so that you can focus more on what will give you the best results in the fastest way possible without jeopardizing your health.


  • Learn how to eat in a way that still allows you to enjoy eating out with friends and family and indulging at the occasional birthday party without guilt.
  • Reduce or eliminate food cravings by getting to the root causeRepair and speed up your metabolism so that your body works for you instead of against you
  • Uncover emotional eating and gain back control over foodLearn how enjoy the foods you love in healthier ways and have your family enjoy eating healthy with you.
  • How to read food labels so that you can stop guessing which foods are healthy. Food companies are very clever at marketing their products to appear healthy but in reality they are just another junk food wrapped in a pretty package. Don’t be fooled anymore.
  • Learn how to eat to nurture your results and support all the hard work you put into your workouts.


  • How to get amazing results without killing yourself with hours of cardio every week and how doing too much cardio can actually harm your progress
  • Guidance on what workouts and exercises to do for your specific fitness goals
  • How to break through plateaus so that you can keep progressing
  • Learn SMART exercise that will increase your metabolism and keep you burning calories hours after your workout.