Mommy Guilt: “Spending time on my health and fitness makes me a selfish mom.”

Deep down you want to look amazing in a bathing suit and flaunt a flat stomach during the summer, you want to be able to wear that sexy black dress on dinner dates with your significant other, you want to feel confident and radiant in your own skin, you want to feel like a badass.

Buuuut…. you hear that voice in your head or even other people close to you say,

“You are a mom now and your main focus is your children.” “You don’t have time for you.” “You don’t have time for yourself because your kids are your top priority.” “You had your time but now that you have kids this is their time.” “Maybe you can find time for yourself after the kids go to sleep.” “You don’t have time to workout or eat healthy because you have too many extracurricular things to do with your kids.”

I want you to take a deep breath…

You are not a bad mom if you take time out of each day to take care of your needs.

Actually if you are not taking care of your needs, you are not being the best mom you could be. 

Let me give you an example, most of us have been in an airplane. One of the procedures that the stewardess goes over before take off is safety, including how to use the breathing masks. They will tell you to secure your own breathing mask first before you help anyone else with theirs. There is a good reason why.

Kind of hard to help your children or the people around you put on their breathing masks when you are passed out on the floor because you failed to put yours on first!

I think the same goes for our own health.

How can you expect to give the best version of yourself to your children when you are not the best version of yourself? It makes no sense.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about how working on your health and fitness can make you even more of a super mom.

  1. Feeling good about yourself will put you in a better mood.
    Honestly, how many times have you been unhappy with yourself and it puts you in a funk. Then you get frustrated faster with your kids or accidentally snap at them. It’s okay, we’ve all been there. It doesn’t make you a bad mom. But if you felt good about yourself you wouldn’t be in a frustrated mood. When you feel good about yourself you are going to be happier and less stressed which means you will be more patient with your children and everyone else around you.
  2. When you prepare yourself healthy meals in advance, aka meal prep, it’s one less thing to stress out about during the week and it ensures you don’t get “hangry”. 
    How many times have you got caught up doing something with your kids during the day and decide to skip a meal because you just don’t have time? Or how many times have you been at work and scrambled to find something to eat for lunch which usually ends up being a fast food drive thru? And I don’t even have to explain how things go down when we get “hangry” (hungry + angry). Better to forget about that person you become when that happens!
  3. Working out makes you bring your A game.
    How do you feel after a great workout? You have more energy, you are in a better mood, you feel good about yourself, you have more patience! All of these things actually help us to step up our mom game to supermom status. So when you don’t get your workout in you are actually doing a disservice to everyone around you because it means you are not bringing your A game for that day.
  4. Eating healthy helps to make sure you are there for your kids 100%.
    When you eat healthy, you are not only working on your weight loss and health goals, you are ensuring that you are doing what it takes to be there 100% for your kiddos. By being healthy you won’t get sick as often, you will have more energy, you will be in a better mood and you can even think more clearly. You don’t expect your car to run without the right kind of fuel, so why do you expect your body to function like it should without the right kind of food?
  5. You are your children’s biggest role model.
    Your kids look up to you and learn so much from how you act and what you say. What better way to teach your kids that taking care of their health is a priority than by you being the model!

Still don’t believe me? Then I dare you to try eating healthy and start working out everyday. I promise the effects will be nothing but good thing!

Try meal prepping your lunches on Sunday for the week. Skipping those couple of TV show episodes at night to go to bed early that way you can wake up earlier to get in a good workout, make healthier snack choices and encourage your children to join you. Take your whole family for a walk after dinner instead of the usual ice cream and TV. Make this something that even your family can do with you!