Stop Punishing Yourself into a "Perfect Body"

Start Loving Yourself into a Body You are Proud of!

3 Secrets to Consistency Eat Healthy as a Mom

Struggling to make healthy eating stick? Learn the top 3 secrets of moms who consistently eat healthy all year round. Best of all these secrets are simple, practical, doable and don't include some crazy diet!

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Hey there Mom!

I am Jessica May, mom of 2, certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, podcaster and lover of all things sprinkles and Mexican food.

I am on a mission to help moms break up with weight loss and fitness BS so that they can create a sustainable & realistic fit/healthy lifestyle that actually fits into their crazy mom life.

Forget eating more boring bland chicken veggies and rice and doing hours on the tredmill and think more of eating healthy WITH your family while getting results that will make you feel proud of your mom bod.

My secret power is taking complicated science based approaches that work and transforming them into simple, practical and doable approaches catered to mom life.

Stop being overwhelmed and making this complicated... let me simplify it for you :) because we all know us moms don't got time for complicated!

Come fill up your cup for the week with motivation, inspirations and practical solutions to fitness and nutrition for moms. Forget boring restrictive diets, hours of cardio and sheer willpower to get through. Learn a simpler approach to living a healthier, happier and fitter life <3

Podcast is available on Itunes, Spotify, Google Play and Stitcher.

YES, fill up my cup! Listen now!

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