Hi, I am Jessica May!

I am here to rescue you from the publicly acceptable self-torture of restrictive dieting and cardio machines, to show you a new way of getting fit that will unleash the ultimate badass mom you were mean't to be!

Ready to ditch all the traditional weight loss drama?
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You've tried that meal replacement shake that you friend talked you into, that Pinterest workout that promised you'd lose your love handles in only 15 minutes a day or how about that diet your friend lost all that weight on but didn't work for you. Is it starting to feel like NOTHING will work? Like maybe losing weight and getting fit just isn't something a mom like you can do?

Every day I see and work with moms that are on the edge of giving up or feeling lost about how to lose weight but also look fit, toned and strong. Do you feel like this? 

Want to know the truth? There is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!

What's wrong is your approach!

Unfortunately there is a lot of old traditional weight loss myths that are still being preached and practiced. These are the very things that are holding you back. 

It's okay, I've been there! I've gone from eating disorders, fad diets, meal replacement shakes, diet pills, over exercise and no self-esteem to being in the best shape of my life and flowing with happiness and self confidence just 1 year after my second child. My journey took around 4 years of trial and error and becoming a personal training and nutritionist before I started getting it right. I don't want it to take that long for you!

So, I am a mom on a mission to help other moms, like you, break up with traditional weight loss BS so that you can create a sustainable and fit lifestyle that makes you feel good inside and out!

Are you ready to finally have that "ah hah" moment around why you haven't lost the weight yet or gotten fit? 

What I stand for:

Not having to starve yourself of give up all the foods you love.

Not having to cook yourself separate meals from your family in order to reach your weight loss or fitness goals.

Being a mom doesn't mean you can't look and feel sexy every damn day!

There is time in any busy mom life for exercise and healthy eating, period! ​

Making healthy eating something that fits int your life vs another annoyingly boring​ diet that you'll get tired of in a month when it's time for the next kid's birthday party or the next social gathering at work. 

Results that last a lifetime vs the endless cycle of losing weight and gaining it back  aka yoyo dieting.

Helping you take control over your food and body by teaching/showing you healthy lifestyle basics that are backed up by science and will never go out of style! 

Helping you not only lose weight but do it in a healthy way that will reveal a sexy, toned body... not a smaller version of your old self with all the same problem areas.

Helping you build up the most important muscle you have, your mind! The biggest obstacle standing between you and ultimate badassery! 

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